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2021 Financial Pledge Forms

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Dear Member,
 Attached you will find your annual Financial Pledge Card.  Each year, New Beginnings families are asked to indicate on their Pledge Cards the financial support that they intend to contribute to the Church in the coming year. The Pledge Cards will be used to help develop a responsible Church Budget for the coming year (2021). 
 This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Pledge Cards will be filled out and submitted on-line only.  Please fill out the attached 2021 Pledge Card and send it to or go to the New Beginnings website, and hit the tab, My 2021 Financial Pledge, and follow the instructions from there. Trust me, it’s easy.  Even I can do it!
 Please know that your pledge card is NOT a legal contract.  It is merely a practical tool that provides the financial officers of the Church with a means of anticipating what the Churches income might be for the coming year.
 This time of global pandemic has left many aspects of our daily lives uncertain.  Not the least of which is our financial realities.  Many of us are in an uneasy financial position.  The members of the Church staff and myself, we get it.  Because we are in the same position as you. 
 That said, let us all engage together in the very same act of faith of giving prayerful reflection on what each of us intents to give to support God’s service in the coming year.  If you currently tithe, I ask that you continue to do so in the coming year and even consider what more you might be blessed to give to advance God’s work.  If you are not currently tithing (giving 10% of your gross income) I encourage you to begin doing so.  Remember, the Bible guarantees that God will give back to the tither far more than the value of the tithe we pay (Malachi 3:8-10).
 In 2021 New Beginnings will be challenged to:
  • Enhance and Expand our Outreach Ministries and emergency relief services.
  • Strengthen and expand our Media Services, Technology overall, and our ability to do effective virtual programming during this global pandemic and going forward.
  • Continue to position the Church for the acquisition of additional properties for future church development.
  • Continue the groundwork for developing Senior Housing facilities on the New Beginnings campus.
  • Maintain and beautify the Church’s current facilities and grounds.
 It will take the sacrifice of time, talent, and treasure from all of us, each of you, for our church to achieve its goals.  Make no mistake, we need your help.
 After prayerful consideration of what your financial commitment to God’s Church should be, please complete the attached Pledge Card and submit it to or go the Church’s website, and hit the tab, My 2021 Financial Pledge, and follow the instructions from there.   Sunday, November 1st, 2020 will be our formal COMMITMENT SUNDAY.  On that day we will celebrate our individual and our collective sacrifices made to advance the cause of Christ together in our local Church.
 Together, our service and sacrifices will glorify Christ and transform our community and our world. God bless you.
 Rev. Dr. Leslie D. Braxton, Senior Pastor
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Mathew 6:21

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